Join your local
carsharing community. *Karshare coming soon.

Join your local carsharing community. *Karshare coming soon!

As lockdown eases, the number of people looking to rent cars from their community has surged. In normal times, let alone COVID ones, our cars spend 95% of their lives idle. Enabling these cars to be shared is a sensible and sustainable way to pioneer a shared future, empowering us to do more with less.

Share your car

Sharing a car is better for the environment (we need less cars) and helps to support people in your community who need a car. It is also a great way to make some extra money when you are not using it. Signup now.

Rent a car from your community

Now available for non-key workers, rent affordable cars from trusted local owners in your community. All cars will be instantly bookable and accessed using the Karshare APP on your phone. Signup now.

Cars already shared in your community

Please see below some of our local community members who have already benefited from the Karshare service. 

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How the Karshare community works

Keyless Entry

When you're not using your car, our community can rent and unlock it with our app


Your car is covered with our fully comprehensive insurance and RAC breakdown when shared


Your car will be shared by carefully vetted like-minded people in your community


You will be paid for each rental or you could donate your car to a key worker for free here

The Karshare assurance partners

With our insurance, breakdown, cleaning and telematics partners, we guarantee you’re fully covered


Fully insured

Your car is insured by QBE for all eventualities and your own insurance policy is completely unaffected.

The Floow

Safer drivers

Providing renters with the data to improve their driving style using in-trip telematics technology


Roadside assistance

In the event of a breakdown the RAC is on hand 24/7 with full roadside assistance.

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