See how your cars are helping to mobilise NHS care workers, food banks and charities helping those in need

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Nivya Lukose

Staff Nurse

“The car was really beneficial as it helped me to travel quickly to the hospital and arrive before my shift began. Thank you so much for helping me during this critical time.”

Jennifer Aherne

ICU Nurse

“I am an intensive care nurse at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. At the beginning of the pandemic my commute on the tube was an added stress, particularly when returning home after a 12.5 hour shift. Now my commute is 30 mins shorter each way because of Karshare.

I found out about Karshare through social media and filled in an application form, not expecting to be lucky enough to avail of the service.

I was so overwhelmed when I got a call from the Karshare team to say they had a car for me to use. It really means so much to me. I have had the car for over a month now and it has been amazing. I can get to and from work safely and comfortably.

Thank you to the Karshare team and also to Claire who kindly donated her car. It really is an excellent service and I hope more people will donate cars to support people like me.”

The donated car has indeed been really helpful. During the time I was able to travel to work safely and got home earlier than usual as well. Usually when I leave at 8.30AM I only get home at 8.30PM. During the time I had the Karshare car, it saved me nearly 2 hours per day and it really made a huge difference!

Senthuran Selvarasah
NHS Professional, London

Ben Murray

Brighton and Hove

“I volunteer for a homeless organisation feeding nearly 300 homeless a day. Thank you again Andy, Nick and team at Karshare, the donated van has been ideal and put to good use. Another 5000+ meals served to the homeless and NHS across Brighton and Hove this week. Appreciate your support!”

Glenn Eaton

Ambulance Crewman

“Just letting people know that if you are a frontline worker and, like me, your car decides to breakdown and is repairable. Then there is a place to go for HELP. Without this company and the generosity of the owner then I would not of been able to get to work and continue the fight against COVID 19. So this weeks clap is for the owner and the company called Karshare, from me to them a MASSIVE clap. Thank you.”

Tolu Alonge

NHS Worker

“The pandemic made travelling to work very stressful as I live 45 miles away from work.

When I read on my hospital internal communication about "discounted car scheme" I applied to two of the schemes. I used the car I got from the first company for 2 days and had to pay almost £100. When Karshare sent me a text that they found me a car for free, I couldn't believe it initially, I thought there may be hidden costs.

I asked loads of questions and Yana from Karshare was so professional. Martin the car owner was so friendly and gave very clear instructions about the car.

All through the time I had the car Karshare & Martin were very supportive making sure my drive to and from work was very smooth. Thank you so much for organising such assistance and doing it amazingly.

Everyone I contacted in Karshare has been so professional. I am immensely grateful for this privilege. Words fail me to express my appreciation. Who gives their car to total strangers?”

Ali Dawson

Kings College Hospital, London

“Reduced train times mean I have to be up really early to get to King’s College Hospital. Trains are also getting packed and I appreciate being in a safer environment in my own car to get to work, thank you, you saved my day!”

Regan Schoffer

Royal United Hospital, Bath

“I am a radiographer at Royal United Hospital in Bath. I live in Bristol, so a leisurely 25 minute drive away, which was taking me 1.5hrs on the bus or a £30 taxi. With unreliable and reduced bus times I was finding it hard to get to work, and I don't exactly have £60 to spare per shift. With the need for out of hours work increasing due to covid-19 numbers, it was nearing impossible to get to work and I was feeling quite unsafe. I searched everywhere for rental/ride service companies doing discounts for frontline workers, but most were only available in London. Karshare popped up and was really easy to use and super efficient, I got a car matched to me within a day of applying. The whole experience was positive and I am so grateful for my new wheels, and companies who are doing things like this to shed light and ease on what could be a difficult, negative time. Almost too good to be true!”

Rosanna Whitworth

Senior Nurse
Kings College Hospital, London

“Myself and my flatmate have been using Zipcar to travel to / from work - costing £6 a trip (£12 a day.) We have been carrying a bottle of Dettol to wipe down the vehicles as we don't know who was in the car before us. Then we heard about Karshare. Thank you so much, the car has really been useful and made our journeys to and from work a lot easier!”

Kean Dennis

Paediatric Nurse
A+E, London

“I am a Paediatric Nurse working in A+E and I travel to and from work via London Transport. My work colleague told me about Karshare and I contacted Karshare.

Once I completed the revenant paper work a week later I recieved a telephone call from Charlie at Karshare who informed me a car was available for me. At this point I was a bit apprehensive because I could not believe the service Karshare was offering was totally free. Charlie, in a calm and friendly manner explained how the service works and he answered all my questions.

Feeling reassured by Charlie, following the insturctions given with excitement I collected the car from Mr Garith who was kind and pleasant I am so grateful to Karshare for offering this service to NHS staff. Superb customer service. It's such a relief not to wait for public transport after a 12.5 shift at work. Having a car has helped me tremendously. Thanks to everyone at Karshare, I will always be grateful.”

Nikki Fountain

Care Assistant
North Middlesex University Hospital, London

“I'm a care assistant. My car has had an issue with its gearbox, which I have been trying to get fixed. Using a donated car means that I am able to get to work. I sent a bunch of flowers and a personalised card to the owners to say thanks.”

Samantha Moloney

NHS Nurse
Stepping Hill Hospital, Manchester

“It will make my commute shorter, 20 mins instead of 1.5 hours by bus. I'm an Australian nurse working at the Stepping Hill Hospital in Manchester. I've only been in the UK for 6 weeks so getting a car like this is a huge help. I think it's a great idea, it's amazing that you have a platform that can connect people like this so quickly”

Hadas Hagos

Director, Waste Not Want Not
Battersea, London

“We are gathering fresh food that would otherwise go to waste. We are making amazing food, prepared with love and distributing it to 100 vulnerable people a day who are isolating indoors”

I am an ICU Nurse and live too far away from the hospital to cycle to my 12 hour shift. I also have concerns with crowded trains and the increased risks of cross infection. I'm delighted that Karshare are arranging a Toyota IQ for me, which I will pick up on the 25th of April

Jennifer Aherne
ICU Nurse, Royal Brompton Hospital

Maria Bees

Car Donor

“I'm 77 years old and one of the first of 30 to pledge my car in Bristol. I have lung cancer but am an active member of the community, trying to help as best I can. I have pledged my car as I feel this is the best way that I can continue to help others during this uncertain time.”

Michaela Morris

Deputy COO
NHS Nightingale, London

“I was getting a lift with a colleague but having the sole use of a car makes sense right now to help limit any unnecessary exposure both to myself and others. With varying shift patterns which can be both late and early for many of my colleagues public transport will not always be an option. The Karshare initiative will really help to make many NHS workers lives a lot easier during the crisis.”

Karen Jackson

Neighbourhood Nursing Coach
Central London NHS Trust

“Sharing a car during this time has a real two-way benefit: the owner of my donated car left me a lovely note thanking me for the work I was doing, and I sent her a text to let her know how grateful we are as a team that her car could help us so much.”

I contacted Karshare because since the covid-19 outbreak I had to work very far from home, in an area difficult to reach event with public transport. I thank them very very much... they have been incredibly fast getting back to me, very flexible arranging everything and they found a car for me straight away! As everything was arranged, I didn't have to think about a thing. It was so easy to get in touch and communicate with them. Thanks Karshare!

Maria Cannoletta
NHS Professional, London

Paul Teed

Bristol University

"I have been working as a researcher at Bristol Univeristy but was called back to the front line when the pandemic started. I live in Bristol but was assigned Gloucester and Cheltenham hospitals so needed a car to get around. Thanks to Karshare, I have one."

Sophie Banerjee

Intensive Care Doctor
Queens Hospital, London

“I’m a doctor working in the intensive care unit in Queens Hospital in Romford. I work a lot of shifts, including day shifts and night shifts. It's been so useful having a car to go to work. I'm about to start another night shift and driving to work has meant I've been able to rest so much more in between.”

Rahima Baugh

NHS Professional

“Thank you very much for assisting me in such an amazing way! I really appreciate this so much more than I can even verbalise, it's such a huge and extremely practical help! It can be extremely
nerve-wracking lending your vehicle to someone you know, let alone a total stranger. This is such a privilege and I'm eternally grateful. Thank you so much again!”

I’m a doctor working in the intensive care unit in Queens Hospital in Romford. I work a lot of shifts, including day shifts and night shifts. Public transport is now less frequent or sometimes cancelled at the weekends, meaning it sometimes takes me over an hour to get to and from work. After a long shift a car helps to reduce my journey time so I can get more rest.

Sophie Banerjee
Doctor, Queen's Hospital Romford, London

Dina Emara

NHS Healthcare Worker
Southmead Hospital

"She prepared it for me and insisted I could use it as long as I wish! From an elderly member of the community who donated her car to me...words can't describe how grateful I am.. they should be loved and protected.. #karsharenhs"

Jordan Lewis


“I was cycling and walking to get to my patients but now I can see so many more people!”

I volunteer at a community store and I also care for my disabled husband. Many of the volunteers at the store are over 70 and therefore self-isolating, putting extra pressure on us. It had been taking me an hour on public transport to cover a 7 minute car journey, so I was really happy to use a donated car.

Dawn Wyatt
Volunteer, DBC Community Groceries Brighton

Jesse Acquah

NHS Healthcare worker
Enfield NHS, London

“I need a car to get to work to look after the people that I love caring for. I’m a carer, I live at North Greenwich and work at Enfield. I always use public transport and in this pandemic time it will be good for me to get a car.”

Lucy Dale

NHS Worker
Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol

"I was working at the Bristol Royal Infirmary on Friday which was 20 minutes’ walk from my home. On Monday I had been moved to South Mead Hospital to support the Covid-19 work which is 1 hour and 20 minutes’ walk. Having a car to get to and from South Mead Hospital makes the journey 20 minutes each way again and means I can do the journey without further risk of infection."

I live in East London and typically commute to work on the underground. I’d become quite distressed about the transport situation because of the exposure risk not just to myself but also to my mother who lives with me. I was all set to rent a vehicle from Europcar (at around £5 a day) when I heard about Karshare. They managed to get me on as an exception as I have 4 points on my licence by using the Karmate app.

Maariya Mahamroot
Pharmacist, Hammersmith Hospital, London

Adebola Olugbodi

Universtiy Hospital Lewisham

“Thanks to Karshare, now me and my colleague can both get to work without using public transport. You have made my day,”

Annabel Hartford

Car Donor

“I think it’s another great way to help out in these challenging times, particularly as our car is just sitting there going nowhere at the moment!”

Dominic Proctor

Care Worker

"I work for a care home company making site and home visits to care for elderly patients. My car broke down making it difficult to do my duties, so got in touch with Karshare to see if they could help. Karshare connected me to a car donor, Owen Abbott who was willing to donate his car. I'm very happy to be fully mobile again."

Julie Al-Hinai

Car Donor
Stranded in Oman

“I'm stuck in Oman until possibly mid June. I heard about the service and thought my car could be put to better use, so I posted Karshare the key. The car is heading to the Waste Not Want Not Project which is the first project to collect surplus food from nearby markets and distribute it to local community centres.”

Steve Springer

Car Donor

“I donated my car which was shared with Stefania, a local NHS nurse. Then another driver I know was having trouble with his car, so I got in touch with Karshare who helped find a garage that was still open and arranged to get it fixed!”

I’m delighted to be able to help out and I am more than happy to spread the word amongst my colleagues whom I believe will be eager to contribute to such a good cause

Emma Greene
Car Donor, Brighton