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Regan Schoffer

How community donated cars are helping Bristol

The Karshare community scheme to help mobilise front-line workers was first launched in Bristol – and as a Bristolian I was both inspired and grateful to the public and all the healthcare professionals and volunteers who jumped on board.

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How a donated car helped London’s community nurses

As part of the operations team at Karshare I’m privileged to meet some truly remarkable people – not just car owners who selflessly donate their cars to people who can use them, but also the inspirational healthcare workers going above and beyond to help people during this Coronavirus crisis.

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Andy Hibbert

Learnings From The Covid-19 Lockdown

In late March, we launched a business we hadn’t planned, at a time not of our choosing, with no intention of generating a penny in revenue. One month on, the experience has been priceless.

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Alex Pritchard

From food bank to Deliveroo overnight

On Friday I drove out of London and down an eerily deserted M23 to Brighton. I was on this journey to meet one of the teams we are supporting at the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project, and my objective was to provide them with their first “donated” car from Karshare.

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Donate A Car

Donate a car in your area to help the NHS staff, care workers, food banks and volunteers get to and from work with minimal risk. All cars insured, road tested, cleaned and sanitised during the donation period. 

Borrow A Car

If you are an NHS professional, volunteer, food bank or charity  worker and would like your own car to get to and from work with minimal exposure, please sign up now.

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